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The NAPLEX exam is the final hurdle standing between you and your pharmacy career. Knowing what to expect and how to properly prepare is an essential first step to tackling the NAPLEX exam.


The healthcare system has many moving parts. Interprofessional collaboration (IPC), the teamwork of two or more health professionals from different disciplines, is commonly known as a proactive approach to ensuring efficient use of the healthcare system by patients. 

Dr. Busti and NP Student Magazine explore the question: Why do most new NPs have natural anxiety around prescribing?

Here at High-Yield Med Reviews, we put a lot of emphasis on knowledge transfer

You may be asking yourself, what is knowledge transfer and why is it important? 

Madeline Acquilano, PharmD, BCPS shares her experience preparing for and passing the difficult BCPS Exam.  

Just how important are biostatistics and clinical literature to my exam?

The short answer is, very important. In fact, without proper preparation in these areas, you will not pass your BPS exam.  

There are significant differences between reviews for clinical practice and board exam preparation.

What sets these programs apart?

The BPS Exams have a tough reputation and daunting pass rates. It will take hard work and dedication to earn that credential.

Worried? Don't be! There are concrete steps you can take now to prepare to pass and ultimately elevate your level of care. 

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