"Our Content is different from others

because we not only make complicated concepts easy to understand, but we also show you why they are clinically relevant. You will learn these concepts in the proper context of the evidence in a manner that also takes into consideration patient specific factors that we all encounter on a daily basis.  I know a lot of health care professionals that can answer multiple choice questions on an exam correctly, but I unfortunately do not know as many that can tell me in the proper context the "WHY" behind the answers to those questions. Unlike fact-based memorization or superficial reviews, true competency comes when you can explain the rationalization of what you are doing for your patient.  The following lectures will provide you a sample of type of content you will receive from us.  Never stop learning and keep it fun, relevant, evidence-based, and most importantly oriented to the patient.

Anthony Busti, MD, PharmD, MSC, FNLA, FAHA
Founder & CEO