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Explore how the integration of advanced pharmacology and structured rotation support is reshaping nurse practitioner education towards competency-based learning and standardized clinical experiences.

The BCPS Exam Content Outline has been updated.  We have everything you need to know about the 2024 updates so you can successfully prepare for success on this difficult exam. 

You need to do more than memorize medication facts to pass a Board of Pharmacy Specialty Exam. These exams test your ability to USE your knowledge at an elite level. You must be prepared to prove yourself.

Gaining pharmacy state licensure represents a pinnacle of your career. However, another milestone still remains: passing the Multi-State Jurisprudence Exam (MPJE).

Case-Based questions are a significant portion of any BPS Exam, and often the most challenging.  Our simple, straight-forward strategies will help you approach this question type successfully. 

Simple, straight-forward test-taking strategies so you can succeed on your Board of Pharmacy Specialty exam.

The NAPLEX Exam is in your future. What if your NAPLEX prep could compliment your APPE rotations giving you confidence for clinical rotations and preparing you to pass the exam on your first try? 

We've all experienced the disappointment of best laid plans, goals, and intentions failing to come to fruition.  Whether a New Year's resolution, a diet plan, or a professional pursuit, the desire to reach a goal is often not enough to get us over the finish line.  Consider the iconic (and not terribly helpful) advice and tagline that Nike used for years: Just Do It.  If only life was that simple!  Just do it.  Most of us have more than just one thing to do, and therein lies the challenge. 

Dr. Loewen currently partners with High-Yield and uses the Advanced Pharmacology curriculum. When asked to describe her struggles before partnering with High-Yield, she expressed many challenges both she and her students faced

NAPLEX pass rates have high stakes for both students and institutions.  Our faculty consider what is impacting pass rates and how to prepare students for success on the licensure exam. 

Healthcare is a calling.  Jennifer Hopper, FNP and Editorial Team Member, shares her "Why" and her experience as a former student of Dr. Busti's.

To prepare for the BCEMP exam, you must focus on thinking and practicing in the emergency department setting because it is different from many others.

The effectiveness of healthcare education impacts students' future patients.  Can the flipped classroom model produce better learning outcomes in healthcare education settings? 

The new AACN Essentials have set out to transform the future of NP Education.  Educators and students alike are wondering what they can expect and how to prepare. 

Dr. Busti and NP Student Magazine explore the question: Why do most new NPs have natural anxiety around prescribing?

Here at High-Yield Med Reviews, we put a lot of emphasis on knowledge transfer

You may be asking yourself, what is knowledge transfer and why is it important?