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NAPLEX pass rates have high stakes for both students and institutions.  Our faculty consider what is impacting pass rates and how to prepare students for success on the licensure exam. 

 Healthcare is a calling.  Jennifer Hopper, FNP and Editorial Team Member, shares her "Why" and her experience as a former student of Dr. Busti's.

To prepare for the BCEMP exam, you must focus on thinking and practicing in the emergency department setting because it is different from many others.

The effectiveness of healthcare education impacts students' future patients.  Can the flipped classroom model produce better learning outcomes in healthcare education settings? 

The new AACN Essentials have set out to transform the future of NP Education.  Educators and students alike are wondering what they can expect and how to prepare. 

Dr. Busti and NP Student Magazine explore the question: Why do most new NPs have natural anxiety around prescribing?

Here at High-Yield Med Reviews, we put a lot of emphasis on knowledge transfer

You may be asking yourself, what is knowledge transfer and why is it important?