We have made every effort to maintain the highest level of security and integrity so that your visit and use of our website and its online services is without problems.  Furthermore, we strive to protect your personal information with various tools available by reputable companies.  We hope you find our efforts to be of the highest standards.

GeoTrustWebsite Anti-Malware Scan helps to identify malware strains that inappropriately get placed on webpages by outside people. We subscribe to this service because we want you to know that our website is scanned daily by GeoTrust for any evidence hidden malware. Therefore, when you visit or use our website, you can be assured that we have done everything we can to protect your information and experience.

We have chosen to utilize PayPal Pro Payment solutions to provide you the security and trust you want and recognize when making your purchase with us.  PayPal is a trusted authority used worldwide by millions of other customers when making online purchases. PayPal Pro also offers automatic fraud screening, security filters and safe guard your personal information using PCI-compliant standards for data protection.