Crush the MPJE: Proven Strategies

Gaining pharmacy state licensure represents a pinnacle of your career. Whether you've just graduated from pharmacy school, are moving to another state, or relocated to the United States from another country, demonstrating your extensive knowledge of drug therapy and passing the NAPLEX are huge milestones. However, another milestone still remains: passing the Multi-State Jurisprudence Exam (MPJE).

The MPJE is a 120-question exam that requires over 2.5 hours to complete. This exam assesses the individual's ability to apply state laws and regulations specific to their state of residence and practice. Pharmacists who relocate to another state as well as those who are FPGEC certified are among MPJE test takers.

What to Expect

Rotations provide an environment for strengthening classroom knowledge through real-life patient care scenarios, hence applying knowledge to practice. These experiences often help prepare students for success on the NAPLEX exam. However, although the established practices and protocols are derived from the law, identifying and memorizing elements of the law for licensure preparation takes time and effort.

Exam candidates must successfully answer questions from 4 categories to pass.

  • Area I: Licensure/Personnel (22%) 
  • Area II: Pharmacist Practice (33%) 
  • Area III: Dispensing Requirements (24%)
  • Area IV: Pharmacy Operations (21%)

While the NABP establishes the overall structure of the exam within this outline, each state is responsible for developing its own unique exam content and assessment. The state law is freely accessible online to read and study, but its application to practice can be complex and is often not covered by faculty delivering a lecture.

How to Study Successfully

Despite the MPJE's complexity, there is an established method to best prepare for this critical step in licensure. Like many other complex medical topics, the law can be learned by initially seeking to understand it. This knowledge can then be expanded in practice scenarios and applied to essential elements.

Analyzing and understanding the reasoning behind correct and incorrect answers reveals extraordinary perspectives and expands upon knowledge. This exercise of learning the reason an answer is incorrect is vital. While many reflexively associate this with failure, it is an excellent opportunity to expand knowledge and deepen understanding. A detailed explanation of why the incorrect answer choices don't apply to the given scenario in a question provides insight and prepares candidates to apply this new knowledge to similar scenarios. Finally, reflecting on this new information with an emphasis on the key points within these areas helps to rapidly integrate it into practice.

High-Yield MPJE content was designed and structured based on these principles. Although existing law content is easily accessible via government websites, High-Yield compiled an MPJE Review with the most critical elements based on NABP competency areas that help frame concepts in relation to pharmacy practice. These key points relate to pharmacy practice in Federal and State-Specific law. Compounding and calculations content pertinent to this exam is also included in the review along with MPJE practice questions to deepen understanding of the law.

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MPJE Compentency Statements Revised 10/2023


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