Biostatistics Review for Board of Pharmacy Specialty Exams

This review will cover the most common concepts you will likely see on any of the BPS exams:

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Faculty & Topics: 

Faculty:  Anthony J. Busti, MD, PharmD, FNLA, FAHA

Many people have failed these exams due to missing biostatistics questions - do not compromise this last step before taking your board certification.  Dr. Busti has been teaching this subject for over 10 years and is known for making sense of this sometimes-difficult subject.


Lecture 1:  Hypothesis Testing & Essentials of Study Design

  • Hypothesis Testing: Null vs. Alternative Hypothesis
  • Understanding Type 1 & 2 Errors
  • Study Design:  Descriptive & Explanatory (Case-Controlled, Cohort Studies, Cross-Over Studies, Clinical Trial)
  • CONSORT Statement
  • Types of Bias and Application to Literature Evaluation
  • Internal and External Validity

Lecture 2:  Biostatistics Part 1

  • Measures of Central Tendency (Mode, Median, Mean)
  • Measures of Variability or Dispersion (Ranges, Interquartile Range, Standard Deviation, Standard Error of the Mean)
  • How to Differentiate Parametric vs. Nonparametric Statistical Tests
  • Types of Data: Nominal, Ordinal, Continuous
  • How to Pick the Right Statistical Test Based on Study Design

Lecture 3:  Biostatistics Part 2

  • Understanding Power
  • Alpha values
  • How to Interpret P-values
  • How to interpret 95% Confidence Intervals
  • How to Calculate and Appropriately Interpret Relative Risk, Absolute Risk Reduction, Number Needed to Treat, Odds Ratios
  • How to Interpret Correlations, Coefficient of Variations, and Regression Analysis

Lecture 4: Properties & Evaluation of Diagnostic Tests

  • How to calculate and Appropriately Interpret Sensitivity and Specificity
  • How to Calculate and Appropriately Interpret Positive and Negative Predictive Values
  • Differentiating Accuracy vs. Precision
  • Differentiating Incidence and Prevalence
  • Understanding Receiver Operator Characteristic
  • How to Calculate and Interpret Likelihood Ratios

Lecture 5:  Systematic Reviews & Meta Analysis

  • Differentiating a Systematic Review from a Meta-Analysis
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Meta-Analysis
  • Assessment Tools for the Quality of Trials Used in a Meta-Analysis
  • Publication Bias and How to Interpret Inverted Funnel Plots
  • PRISMA Statement for Publishing Systematic Reviews

Lecture 6: Essentials of Pharmacoeconomics

  • Types of Costs (Direct vs Indirect vs Intangible)
  • Cost Minimization Analysis
  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Cost-Utility Analysis
  • Steps Involved in a Pharmacoeconomic Analysis

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