FAQs for Technical Support Info

Can I log into more than 1 computer at a time to access and have access to my subscriptions?
No.  For security reasons you cannot be logged into more than 1 computer at a time.  If you forget to properly log out of one computer, you will not be allowed to immediately log into another computer.  You either have to log yourself out of the other computer or wait about 20-30 minutes for it to log you off itself. 

I am getting a "account already in use" message when I log into my account.  Why is that happening and how can I get it fixed?
If you are the subscribed user of this account then you must have either left yourself logged in on another computer or failed to log out before exiting or closing your web browser.  If you did either of these, then your account will automatically log you off within 20-30 minutes of no activity at which time you will be able to log back in on any computer. 

Why is this restricted login access being implemented?
This is being done for the protection and integrity of those users who appropriately paid for access to the QBanks and Flashcard systems.  This additional security feature allows those with accounts to be able to access their accounts when needed while also complying with the Terms and Conditions and User Agreements.

How do I avoid getting locked out of my own user account?
The most effective way to have access to your account is to log off before leaving your computer and/or closing your web browser.  If you should close your web browser prior to logging off, the system will see you still as logged in and restrict your access for at least 15 minutes.  We apologize for this inconvenience but this is being done to protect against fraudulent activity with your account. 

Can I permanently lose access to my user account if I am sharing my account with my friends?
Yes.  If you giving others access to your account, you are violating theTerms and Conditions as well as User Agreement, which you agreed to comply with upon subscribing.  You may also be subject to legal action as outlined in the company policies available online.