Featured: NP Student Magazine

High-Yield's own Dr. Busti is featured on NP Student Magazine exploring the topic of the privilege and responsibility of prescriptive authority for nurse practitioners and how these essential health care providers can be best prepared to provide excellent patient care. 


Why do most new NPs often have natural anxiety around prescriptive authority? Wanting the best patient outcomes is a driving force for NPs, who have worked hard to become more informed, skilled providers. 

"Prescriptive authority is an imposing, high-level of responsibility. A patient in a vulnerable position relies on the judgment and expertise of the NP to prescribe the most appropriate and beneficial medication for his or her unique situation. With so many variables at play and the wellbeing of the patient at stake, the weight of these decisions is deeply felt."

Click over to NP Student Magazine to see the full article. At High-Yield we deeply appreciate nurse practitioners and the important role they serve in the healthcare team. We count it a privilege to serve NP students and NP educational institutions with nursing education resources.