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Advanced pharmacology for nurse practitioners

We realize that some customers desire or prefer a paper copy of the lecture notes.  As such, for customers purchasing our Advanced Pharmacology Course, we have made this printed book option available to those customers that want a hard-copy in addition to the eBook & pdf notes they receive with their course package. 

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  • One Book = Lecture notes for Advanced Pharmacology Lectures
  • Number of Pages =  548
  • Binding = Perfect binding
  • Print = Black and white
  • Contents = Identical content to lecture notes contained in the Advanced Pharmacology eBook and pdf notes included with your course.
    • Lecture notes in printed format
  • FAQs
    • This printed version is optional for those customers who desire to have a printed version in addition to the eBook lecture notes. 
    • This is a printed version of the lecture notes contained in the eBook that is included with your package.  
    • There are no differences in content between the printed book and the eBook.
    • Contains online lecture notes, mirroring the content covered in the online lectures.
    • Unfortunately, there is no way for you to print the notes from your eBook. 
  • Editor:
    • Anthony J. Busti, MD, PharmD, MSc, FNLA, FAHA

Price: $79  (FREE Shipping within the U.S. Only)

  • Note:  Due to the cost, we cannot ship beyond the U.S. for this item.
  • Printed book only available with a purchase of the Advanced Pharmacology for NPs Course Package.  Not for individual purchase.

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