Sticker - Single-Nucleotide Genetic Polymorphisms (SNPs)

SNP plain text and helix

It's not the size of your SNP,
it's how you use it.

Our custom stickers were developed by clinicians just like you from the High-Yield team.  The human genome project showed us that our unique expression of single-nucleotide genetic polymorphisms (SNPs) are what make us different.  Just like all of our educational materials, we make no compromises in the quality of our stickers.

- Standout - Generate Discussion - Be High-Yield -


  • Style: Die cut sticker
  • Production: Thick, durable vinyl
  • Quality:
    • Scratch protective laminate covering
    • Weatherproof (water, snow, & sunlight)
    • Dishwater safe
  • Color: Several options as displayed
  • Sizes: 3" x 3"
  • Quantity with Each Order: 2 stickers
    • 1 sticker with integrated DNA helix
    • 1 sticker with text in a circle

Price: $3 (2 separate stickers; FREE Shipping in the u.S. only)

  • Due to the cost, we cannot ship beyond the U.S. for this item.

$ 3.00

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