How to setup and start a Q-Bank session?

Step 1

  1. Login to your personal account
  2. Click on the "Q-Bank & Flashcards" button to get started.
    Note: If this is your first attempt to access Q-Bank, this screen will prompt you to start your access for the first time only.  Once you activate it, the duration of your subscription will be begin.

Note: You can also see when your account expires and how many days remain on your subscription.  If you need to add more time to access the practice test questions and flashcards or renew, simply click on the "Renew or Add Time" button.  


Step 2

To start a session all you have to do is tell the system what you want by completing a few quick steps (Note: you can customize each session differently - you have full control over the database): 

  1. Select your desired mode of delivery of your practice questions: Testing Mode, Tutorial Mode, or Flashcard Mode
  2. Select the type of questions or falshcards you want from your database
  3. Select the number of questions or flashcards you want to complete (default is set at 5)
  4. If desired, set a time limit you desire to complete the session
  5. Select the category or topics of questions you desire or just select random
  6. Click on start