FAQs for Q-Bank

What is a Q-Bank?
A collection of practice test questions similar in format and content to what you would see or experience on a board exam or test for licensure.  Our advanced system allows you to customize each session or your use of those questions in a format that help you learn most effectively.

Does the Q-Bank & Flashcard Database work on the iPhone, iPad, or Android devices?
Yes, you can access the website on your device and it is fully functional on all of the devices.  In fact, you will have more features than an app would offer you.

Once I purchase my Q-Bank subscription do I have control over when I start or activate it?
Yes.  Once you have paid for the Q-Bank subscription (regardless of the duration) the time on your account will only start once you tell Q-Bank to start or begin your access.  You can log into your account at any time and will notice that your account dashboard will provide a button or call out to alert you to activate your Q-Bank subscription.  Once you click on that button and confirm your desire to begin using your Q-Bank subscription, your time to access Q-Bank will begin.  For example, if you purchase a 6 month subscription on January 18th your Q-Bank subscription will be in a "pending" state within your account.  Lets say that on February 15th you desire to begin using your paid 6 months of access to Q-Bank.  Simply log into your account and on your account dashboard click on the button or callout that says, "activate your Q-Bank".  It will then confirm that you are ready to start your 6 months of access.  If you continue, your 6 months will then begin and your account will expire 6 months from February 15th (not January 18th which is the date of actual purchase).

If my Q-Bank subscription is about to expire or I need more time to complete all of the questions, can I add more time to my subscription?
Yes.  You can add additional time of access to your Q-Bank subscription from a number of places.  Simply, log into your account.  Once logged in and on your main account dashboard, you can then click on the "Renew or Add More Time" link or button to the right of the page.  It will then take you into the shopping cart where you can select the Q-Bank database you subscribed to and then decide how much time you like to add.  You will then proceed to check out just as you did when your first subscribed.  Once you have paid, your account information will reflect the additional time you purchased (note: you can locate this information on your account dashboard as well in the top right corner of Q-Bank). You can also add time to your account while in Q-Bank.  Simply click on the "renew" link in the top right corner of Q-Bank and it will walk you through the same process as described above.  If you need help or experience any problems, please contact us via email and someone from our customer service department will contact you asap.  

What are Flashcards and are they included with the Q-Bank?
Yes, your subscription to Q-Bank will also give you direct access to flashcards.  Our electronic flashcards function to provide you with a question and then proceed to give you the concise answer along with an explanation to supplement your learning.

Are each of the Q-Bank databases different and/or designed specifically for my test type or area of training?
Yes.  Each Q-Bank database has been specifically designed, programmed, set up to reflect the topics that are specific to the profession related to the exam.  The number of questions in each Q-Bank database will vary.  New questions are always being added to the various databases and all active accounts will receive immediate access to those new questions. 

Can I set up a test or practice exam while in my Q-Bank account?
Yes, you may access or have the practice test questions delivered to you similar to a real exam.  All questions are delivered one at a time to mimic real exams.  You can choose any number of questions to complete for a test session and even set a timer for completion. 

What is the difference between test and tutorial mode?
If you select to have your questions to be delivered in "test" mode, the system will deliver each question one at a time.  Once you have answered a question, you will then be given the next question to answer.  At the completion of the number of questions you desired to receive, you will receive a grade for that session and then be able to individually review each question for that session one at a time.  If you select "tutorial" mode, then once you have answered the question you will see whether you got that question correct or not and then the rational for the answer before proceeding on to the next question.


Once I completed a session in test or tutorial mode, will I be able to review those questions again at a later time?
Yes, as long as your subscription is active you may review previously used questions at any time.  You can also review a specific session you previously completed by going into your "Previous Sessions" in Q-Bank.

Can I set a timer to help me control my time for a test session?
Yes, the main Q-Bank Dashboard page will allow you the option to set a time limit which will display in the upper right part of the dashboard so you can monitor your time.  If time runs out, the system will still allow you to finish the test.

What do the numbers in the parenthesis represent in Step 5 of the Q-Bank Dashboard?
They represent the number of items in that category and/or subcategory.  If in Step 1 you have chosen to access or use practice test questions, the number in parenthesis will represent the number of practice test questions in that category and/or subcategory.  That number will change if you select to access or use flashcards in Step 1.  As such it is meant to give you a visual representation of what is available within in each category and/or subcategory based on what mode and type of items you want the system to give you at that moment. 

What is "My Personal Planner" and how does that help me?
This option comes with your Q-Bank subscription and allows you to set up a plan to complete all of the questions and/or flashcards available for that Q-Bank database.  By setting a desired completion date (usually before your real exam), the system will tell you how many questions you need to do every day, week, and month to complete the available questions.  It will also tell you how much time at minimum it will take to complete the remaining unused questions and flashcards you have. 

Once I do the initial set up of the "My Personal Planner", can I make changes to it?
Yes, you may change the parameters at any time and the system will automatically recalculate the various metrics about how many question questions and flashcards you need to do each day, week, and month.

Can I select questions or flashcards that are specific to a particular topic?
Yes, you can customized the type of questions delivered to you in your session.  You can select questions only from a specific category or you can get to very specific questions by also clicking additional subcategories.  This allows you to focus in an area of interest (if needed). 

Can I flag questions that I want to review again at a later time?
Yes, any question or flashcard can be flagged and viewed at a later time.  All you have to do to "flag" a question is to click on the check box or the flag itself located in the grey image on your Q-Bank dashboard.  Once you have "flagged" a item, you will see a check mark appear.  Your performance statistics on the main dashboard and in the "My Performance" area will also show you how many questions and flashcards you have flagged at that time.  You can then set up a session by selecting to only see items that have been flagged. 

Once I have used a question can I use that question again in a session?
Yes, you may reuse any previously used questions.  If you want to only see questions that have not been used yet, you can select the type of questions or flashcards to be only "unused" when setting up the type of session you are wanting to do. 

Does this Q-Bank service help me to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses?

Yes, the system analyzes your specific performance and will list the top 5 areas of strength and weaknesses.  This can be found in the "My Performance" tab. 

Can I strike through answer choices to help me narrow down the right answer?
Yes, just click anywhere on the text for the answer choice you want to visibly strike through.  To erase the strike through simply click on the text again and it will be removed. 


Are there explanations or rationales provided for the questions?
Yes, there will be a short explanation supporting the reasons for the correct answer and possibly why the other answer choices were not considered correct.  This supplemental information is meant to help you understand the thought process for discerning the correct answers.

Do any of the questions or flashcards have images or figures as part of the question or answer explanation?

Yes.  There are some questions that will require you to be able to interpret an image, chart or figure in order to answer the question.  In addition, some questions may also have images associated with part of the explanation of the answer.  The images are meant to enhance your learning and make it more efficient. 

Do you ever add new questions or flashcards to the Q-Bank databases?  If so, will get access to those if my subscription is still active?
Yes. New questions are always being added to the various databases and all active accounts will receive immediate access to those new questions.