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What makes our course different?

Benefits & format of our Live Review Course
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What Makes Our Course Different:

What makes High-Yield MED Reviews different from other review courses?
To our knowledge, we are the only company who provides you with everything you need for one affordable price and at the same time voluntarily donates money back to your school or sponsoring student organization.   When you register for one of our Live Naplex Review Course you get everything: access to attend a comprehensive 2-day review, your own bound notebook containing all of the lecture notes and other study aids, access to our Q-Bank that contains over 2,000 practice test questions, and our guarantee that you pass the Naplex.  On top of that, we take a portion of the revenues and make a donation back to the sponsoring school or student organization with most getting between $500 - $2,000.

Why does your Naplex Review Course cost so much less than other services?
We know that students incur a lot of financial debt and investment to advance their careers and as such, it has always been our goal to keep our services affordable so that hopefully more students can benefit in their final preparations for licensure and practice.  Therefore, you get everything for one simple affordable price. 

How much money does High-Yield MED Reviews donate to schools and student organizations?
We make donations ranging from $500 - $2,000 to each school or student organization who sponsors one of our review courses.   This is our way of encouraging and investing into the next generation of pharmacists. 

Why does High-Yield MED Reviews make donations to student organizations or schools?
It has always been our company's goal to invest and encourage the professional development of the current and next generation of pharmacists.  Each year we donate more than $8,000 to students and schools across the nation.  Therefore, when you register for one of our review courses we voluntarily give back a portion of your registration to support your fellow colleagues.  If your school or student organization would like to bring a Naplex Review Course to your campus and receive a donation as well, please contact us for more information.

Do you offer any discounts to P3's who attend?
Yes. Many students who have attended the live course as a P3 and then again as a P4 have said the course helped prepare them for rotations and gave them a head start on the NAPLEX. We want to reward and encourage the diligence of these students and offer them a special P3 discount. If students attend as a P3, they can attend at a significant discount  by emailing customerservice@highyieldmedreviews.com to request their coupon. Their registration from the previous year will be confirmed before receiving the coupon. This is available to live and online registrants.


Benefits & Format of our Live Review Course:

What comes with my registration to one of the Live Naplex Review Courses?
You get 1) access to attend a comprehensive 2-day review and watch all lectures on your account 2) your own bound notebook containing all of the lecture notes and other study aids, 3) access to our Q-Bank that contains over 2,200 practice test questions, and 4) our guarantee that you pass the Naplex.  On top of that, we take a portion of the revenues and make a donation back to the sponsoring school or student organization with most getting between $500 - $2,000.

What is the format of the Live Review Course?
The topics are covered in a usual lecture format that includes the use of power slides.  You course notebook contains a paper copy of all of the slides so that you can take notes during the course.  One of our faculty is present on site for each lecture and provides most of the lectures in a live format.  Depending on the faculty and timing of the review course some lectures will be provided in a recorded format by an expert in the field.  This is done to provide you with the content you need while keeping the costs of the course affordable. We have been providing our review courses in this format for a number of years and we believe the number of schools across the nation and growing number of students coming to our review courses is evidence of its success in preparing you for the Naplex exam. 

Who are the faculty that provide the lectures?
All of our faculty are pharmacists with at least a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree and clinical pharmacy residency training.  In addition, most of the faculty teach pharmacy students in various pharmacy programs across the country and have advanced board certifications in their respective fields. 

How did you decide which topics to cover?
Each year we base the core content of the Naplex Review Course on the Naplex Blueprint published online by the NABP.  In this blueprint they break up the content into domains where they indicate the topics and percentages that make up the content covered on the exam.  We choose to cover the content that offers you the greatest benefit or yield for possible success.  To view the topics, click here.

Do you offer any guarantees?
Yes - we believe that if you take our 2-day comprehensive review course and do the practice test questions in our Q-Bank that you will pass the Naplex exam on the first try.  For more information about our guarantee please click here

How to use the Q-Bank that comes with registration:

What is the Q-Bank?
Our Naplex Q-Bank contains over 2,00 practice test questions and electronic flashcards that are extremely helpful in your preparation for the exam or for your rotations. Each question contains a concise explanation and rationale to promote true understanding instead of fact memorization. Questions in the Q-Bank help fill in any topics that are not covered in the review course due to time constraints. To see the benefits of the Q-Bank, click here.

Do I have to pay extra for the Q-Bank?
No. Your registration to the review course comes with a 10-month access to the Naplex Q-Bank.

How does the Q-Bank work?
Click here to watch a demo on the benefits and functioning of this advanced testing system.

When can I start to use my Q-Bank subscription?
After your registration, you have complete control of when you begin to use your access to the Q-Bank testing system.  Your time or access to Q-Bank will only start once you activate it.  You can activate your Q-Bank by logging into your personal online account using the email address and password you provided us in your registration.  Once you log in, simply click on the button that allows you to start your Q-Bank access and you are ready to go.

When should I start using my Q-Bank subscription to gain maximum benefit?
If a graduating P4, planning to take the exam after the review course, we suggest starting the Q-Bank in the early Spring to allow you time to get through all of these valuable questions. You are able to flag questions that were more difficult for you to review again after the course or as needed. 

If a P3, you may want to use your Q-Bank after the review course throughout your P4 year to further aid you during rotations. The Q-Bank will be most helpful as you can review questions by desired topics.

Can I add more time or renew my Q-Bank subscription?
Yes at any time.  All you have to do is log into your account and click on the "add or renew" button on your dashboard and it will take you to the checkout where you can add on more time at a discounted rate.  You can choose to add on as much time as you need. 

Registration Information:

Do you offer an early registration price?
Yes. We offer early registration special price.

How can I register for the course?

Click here and choose your desired course location.

How late can I register for the course?
Many of our courses do fill up so we suggest registering as soon as possible. It is to your advantage to receive the early registration price by registering before October 15, 2016. However, you may register up until the day before the course assuming that seats are still available. If you register within 4 days of the course, we cannot guarantee you will have a notebook at the course depending if there are extra notebooks available. If you do not receive a notebook at the course due to last minute registration, you will receive one via mail.

What is your refund policy?
To view our refund policy, please click here.


Information for Attending the Course:

How many days is the Live Naplex Review Course?
2 days long. 

Are there faculty onsite at each review course?
Yes.  We have faculty onsite during the entire review course to answer any questions you might have. 

What locations do you offer review courses at?
 A current and complete listing of all our locations is available by clicking here. If you do not see a location near you, contact us at: customerservice@highyieldmedreviews.com for more information.

If I am now a licensed pharmacist can I take the Naplex Review Course as a review for myself?
Yes, this course is an excellent review for licensed pharmacists. 

Where can I find parking and map information?
To find specific details for the course that you registered for, click here and choose your course location.

When will I receive my notebook for the course?
You will receive the notebook on the first day of the course at check in.

What is the schedule for the course?
To view the 2018 course schedule, click here. 

Can I attend only part of the course?
Yes, you are welcome to attend as little or much of the course as your schedule allows. By registering we reserve the seat for you for the full 2 days of the course. Should you leave early, we do not provide refunds or discounted rates as the seat is reserved for you for the entire course. 

Can I make copies of the notebook?
No. The course notebook is copyrighted material and may not be copied, scanned, photographed, faxes or shared in any format without the written authorization and a signature from the Editor of High-Yield MED Reviews.

Can I record portions of the review course so I can review them later on?
No.  It is against the User Agreement policy and Terms and Conditions to record, copy, duplicate, or share any information from any review course.   Computers and recording devices are not allowed in the room at any time.  Failing to comply can result in your removal from the course, loss of your seat without a refund, and possible legal action.  There is no tolerance for violation of this policy.

Do you offer any Naplex Review Courses online?
Yes, for more information please click here.