FAQs for All Review Courses

Do you guarantee I will pass my board exam if I take your review course?
Yes, but this guarantee applies to those meeting the certain criteria. To get more information click here.

Why is the cost of the review courses so much less than other courses?
We believe those in training have already incurred a large debt or financial investment to get to the point taking their board exams.  As such, we believe there is a great need for review courses that are affordable to all yet without compromising the quality of the education provided.  We firmly believe that the quality of the content and methods of teaching are significantly greater than any course out there, which is in part why we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Why does High-Yield MED Reviews make a donation to a sponsoring organization?
We want to not only prepare those in training to pass their board exams and prepare for clinical practice, but it is part of our goals to encourage and support the next generation of healthcare professionals.  Therefore, we take a portion of the revenues generated at a review course and give it back to the sponsoring organization (for applicable review courses).

Do I get access to the Q-Bank database associated with my board exam with my registration to a review course?
It depends on which review course or conference you have registered for.  Most review courses for board exams do come with a subscription to the Q-Bank database applicable to the board exam you are preparing for.

If my registration came with access to a Q-Bank, can I add more time to my account?
Yes, you may add more time to your Q-Bank subscription at any time.  Just log into your account and click on the "Renew or Add More Time" button located on your account dashboard page.

When will I receive my notebook for the review course?
If applicable to your review course, all course notebooks are provided during check in on the first day.

Can I get a refund for my registration to a review course?
It depends on the circumstances for which you are requesting a refund.  Please see our refund policy click here.

If I leave a review course early and cannot come to all of the days, can I get a partial refund?

No.  Due to limited seating and most classes filling up, if you choose to leave throughout the review course, no refunds are available. 

Can I record portions of the review course so I can review them later on?
No.  It is against the User Agreement policy and Terms and Conditions to record, copy, duplicate, or share any information from any review course.   Computers and recording devices are not allowed in the room at any time.  Failing to comply can result in your removal from the course, loss of your seat without a refund, and possible legal action.  There is no tolerance for violation of this policy.

Can I make copies of the course notebook?
No.  The course notebook is copyrighted material and may not be copied, scanned, photographed, faxed, or shared in any format without the written authorization and a signature from the President for High-Yield MED Reviews. 

I do not see a Review Course at my institution or close by, can I request that one come to my school or area?
Yes, absolutely.  In most cases, a student organization can sponsor a review course as fundraiser for their group.  It is very easy to do and most student groups make on average $600 - $1200 each year doing this.  Some institutions or school pay to have us come to provide this service to their students.  We can accommodate most situations.  For more information Contact Us.

Can a student organization sponsor a review course as a fundraiser?

Yes.  It not only can serve as a fundraiser, but also is a good service to your peers, colleagues, and institution.  Most student groups make on average $600 - $1200 each year and it is very easy to do.