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Study Groups with Dr. Busti - Notebook

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this notebook contain information that potentially don't pertain to my exam?

  • The notebook is a compilation of all the live study group sessions specific to the BPS board exams which are cases that integrate and apply the material that you are learning in the Q-Bank and lectures.
  • We recognize everyone has a different knowledge base and level of experience. We wanted to give our premium customers the opportunity to join any BPS related study group session they feel will be helpful to expanding their knowledge. Some customers also take more than one BPS exam.

Who has access to all of the live study group sessions for BPS exams?

  • Only current PREMIUM Review Course subscribers have access to all of the live study group sessions related to the main BPS exams (BCPS, BCACP, BCCP, BCCCP, BCPP, etc). Access is only valid during the period in which their subscription is active.
  • A few of the live study group sessions will be available to the public.

Can I join live webinar study group sessions that may be focused for other BPS exams?

  • Yes, absolutely.  That is why all study group members get the same notebook.
  • The recommended schedule is a suggestion only and you are free to attend any of the live study group sessions.

 Do the live study group sessions cover the same content in the Q-Banks and lectures?

  • No, not exactly.
  • The live study group sessions take a case-based approach, integrating content from the Q-Banks and lectures. They are intended to support discussion and to supplement other components of the review courses. 

 How do I register/access any of the live study group sessions?

  • There are three methods for communicating the schedule and registering for upcoming sessions: the website, our company facebook and twitter pages, and (as of print date coming soon) a webinar button on the dashboard when logged into your review course account.

 Will sessions be offered on multiple dates?

  • Yes.
  • Each session will be offered on multiple dates. There will be opportunities to catch up on prior sessions.

 Does access to the live study group sessions cost extra?

  • No, exclusive access comes with the package for premium review course subscribers.  

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