About Us

High-Yield Med Reviews was founded by Anthony Busti, MD, PharmD out of a recognition for the need of high quality, yet affordable review courses and practice test questions for preparing healthcare professionals for licensure, board exams, advanced certifications, and the advancement of clinical competency.  Dr. Busti has been involved in the medical education and training of physicians, pharmacists, and nurses for over 20 years.  He and his diverse team of faculty, clinicians, editors, and reviewers have strategically put together online and live reviews, online lectures, and Q-Banks that are not only meant to cover "high-yield" concepts, but to also take clinicians to a higher level of critical thinking and application of medical information for the purpose of improving patient care. 

Why Us & What Makes Us Different?

  • CUSTOMIZED LEARNING - our online services are designed from the ground up to give you the control and customize your learning. 
  • COMPREHENSIVE CONTENT - we not only cover core material, but we integrate across topics to make it clinically relevant.
  • TEACH TO UNDERSTAND - we teach to true competency which only occurs when you know "why" the right answer is correct.
  • EVIDENCE-BASED - we provide references to our content and integrate it into our practice questions.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - we stand behind our premium packages and guarantee you will pass*
  • AFFORDABLE - high-quality content at a fair price.
  • WE GIVE BACK - we donate thousands of dollars every year to support student organizations of medical professions

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